2 Years…

Has it really been two years since I last posted? I feel like the world was such a different place… It was just before the pandemic started and I was on a family vacation in Cancun and then… everything changed… I haven’t had the time to process all that has happened (and is still happening)… Like for many, these last couple years have been a struggle personally, professionally, spiritually, mentally, etc. etc. etc. but I am so thankful to God to be where I am right now… I am grateful for my family and friends, my colleagues at work, clients and others that reminded that the world is not a hopeless place… There is still so much beauty to capture and admire in the midst of all the mess… My lack of posting does not mean that I have stopped taking pictures (I’ve just been more active on instagram that’s all haha). In fact, there were more opportunities for intimate sessions and small, but meaningful gatherings. My first proper wedding shoot last year when things were improving felt strange, familiar and exciting. I hope that I can be better about updating this website and I look forward to sharing memories from the last two years. Take care everyone!

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