Ossington Village Nuptials

For most wedding bookings, I get to meet the couple well before the big day…  This allows the couple to get to know me a bit and vice versa, talk about expectations and to answer any questions (and partly to calm my own anxiety about walking into the unknown lol).  Of course, this can be done electronically as well, but it’s always good to get some actual face-time, right?  And most of the time, I do get to meet couples for their engagement shoot.  That was the plan with KP and Chris, but life 🤗… pretty much every time we booked something, plans needed to change…  long story short, I got to meet them for the first on the big day and it turns out there was nothing to worry about.  These two are just great human beings, hospitable, generous… and FUN!  Is it ok for a photographer to enjoy himself so much while working?  (For those wondering, we did end up doing a post-wedding engagement shoot…😜)


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