Happy (First) Birthday(s) To You!

To say that a child’s first birthday is a significant milestone is probably an understatement…  it is an opportunity to reflect on a year gone by so quickly but full of learning, loving, growing, crying, laughing… and many sleepless nights… in many cultures, a child’s first birthday is a big celebration… I’m finding that the parties are less about the children, but about the village that is around them… parents, grandparents, families, friends, faith communities, really everyone who has touched the babies’ lives in the first year and even the time before birth… I can hear it in the parents’ thank you speeches… the first birthday bash is really a big ‘thank you’ to everyone…  had a great time shooting these in the last couple of months… children’s parties can be challenging to shoot, but you get to capture great moments of kids being kids and expressions on the adults’ faces that only kids can bring out… Happy First Birthdays, Libby, Penny and Charis! 🙂

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