San Fran, Pacific Highway, Napa Valley, and back…

First time to the West Coast, amazing weather, best travel partner in my wife… and happy with my travel camera (Panasonic Lumix LX7… sorry to my 5dm2… you were a little too big for this job :))  San Fran, you were a pleasure to shoot… we will do this again…

IMG_1000416 Parc 55 Wyndham Hotel (stayed there for the last night) IMG_1000429 IMG_1000432 IMG_1000435 IMG_1000439 IMG_1000485 IMG_1000487 IMG_1000488 IMG_1000545 IMG_1000549 A lot of pretty neighbourhoods... IMG_1000607 IMG_1000612 IMG_1000619 IMG_1000626 Cool trees... IMG_1000685 IMG_1000752 Lot of homelessness in SF... IMG_1000782 IMG_1000808 IMG_1000844 IMG_1000852 IMG_1000867 IMG_1000880 IMG_1000926 IMG_1000945 IMG_1010021 IMG_1010066 IMG_1010110 Bay Bridge (the forgotten cousin of Golden Gate) IMG_1010207 IMG_1010218 IMG_1010222 IMG_1010230 Hiking through Muir Woods National Monument (one of the highlights of the trip) IMG_1010276 IMG_1010287 IMG_1010290 IMG_1010448 IMG_1010450 IMG_1010454 IMG_1010457 IMG_1010465 Bay Bridge ($5 toll applies) IMG_1010559 IMG_1010563 IMG_1010574 IMG_1010588 Someone left a perfectly fine pair of shoes... IMG_1010607 IMG_1010617 IMG_1010638 IMG_1010694

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